I’m Julia Kovacs, your SoulSexy Adventure Guide... coach and creator of the SoulSexy Life experience. I am known for introducing new and exciting experiences in sensual expansion to clients around the world for the past 25 years.

As a lifetime practitioner of sexuality, yoga, meditation and mindful practices, I bring intimacy, connection, calm and balance into the energetic bodywork, conscious coaching and healing sessions that I offer. These services help individuals to overcome their psychological, emotional and physical blockages related to their sensuality and sexuality. This leads them to deeper connections and states of bliss while empowering growth and expansive confidence.

When you meet Julia, the first thing you’ll notice is her wild essence, warm presence and energetic personality. She is often the spark that ignites a thought provoking dialogue, showing others an opportunity to join her on far more exciting path, adventurous lifestyle, and unique philosophy.

As a globetrotting multi-lingual adventurous woman, Julia was born in Hungary and is now living in Vancouver, Canada. With more choices than ever as a woman, Julia has taken on many feminine roles and cultural identities, which are typical of our transitional times.

From being an immigrant to becoming an international student and career woman, a wife and single mother, she then embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship in her 50’s where she made the decision to reinvent herself on a new path of sexual power and purpose beyond the labels.


What my clients say...

SoulSexy Bodywork Session Testimonials

Julia has an amazing ability to read the body and respond with just the right touch in both pressure and pace. I felt a deep sense of release and relaxation over our session and finished in a state of bliss. I'm so grateful for her skillful loving touch, her capacity for empathy and her generous heart! Love you!
~ Melanie

Julia... Your level of awareness and passion for everyone to embrace the healing in our sexual nature shines through. Your deep, compassionate, conscious touch and willingness to serve others in their process is unparalleled. You're a warrior of grace calling other women and men to be emotionally whole, vibrantly alive and tapped into our body's alchemistry of yum!

~ Martina

SoulSexy Coaching Session Testimonial

Greetings from Hawaii!
I contacted Julia to give me coaching in several areas but mainly work/life balance and my spiritual and sexual life. She has been amazing! Lots of information, connections, ideas and helpful suggestions. What I have learned so far has enriched my life and my sexual connection with myself and others. And the work we are doing continues!
~ BH

SoulSexy Coaching Session Testimonials

I became a widow at 53. Grief and 2 years of celibacy have completely destroyed my sex drive.

At 55 I decided to started on-line dating, but I was dead sexually, so I was willing to do anything to get my sexuality back. That is how I found www.juliakovacs.com.

I first attended one of her workshops and have realized how close-minded and uncomfortable I was with my sexuality. But Julia was so nice and so approachable that she made me at ease. So I decided to try one-on-one sessions with her.

I felt very vulnerable during the sessions but it was well worth it. I learned a lot about my body, how I like to be touched, what turns me on, how to just receive. It was eye opening. Julia has amazing depth of knowledge when it comes to human sexuality, especially when it comes to women, and has followed up each session with a lot of helpful info that had made me aware how much more is there to learn.

When I met Julia, doctors where telling me that my low sex drive is just age and I should accept it and I was pretty close to give up. Thanks to Julia , I am well on my way to a healthy and satisfying sex life with a new partner.

~ Lela

What I admire about Julia is her knowledge, her professionalism, her humour. She is very intelligent and beautiful. Problems she solves are related to sexual problems, but she knows to deal with people. Love that she is direct and honest and doesn’t shy away from the problems.

~ Eva H

SoulSexy Session Partner Testimonial

We absolutely loved it - Bassim said it was like your partner was reading his mind - and you were so gentle and loving in your approach - thank you so much ❤️Your work is absolutely transformative!

~ Karen M.

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